Birthday gifts

I have finally got round to taking some photos of The Little Lady’s 1st Birthday presents and want to share them with you today.

It would be silly of me to try and tell you about all the gifts she received, I’m sure you all know what early birthdays are like, there are presents galore and we are, of course, grateful for each and every one. There were clothes, a new wetsuit (as she loves her swimming) and a sand pit but today I want to show you a few things she got that are a little different, in the hope of giving you some recommendations or ideas for your own gifts.

The first item to tell you about, I cannot call a recommendation, as it is handmade by my parents, mostly, I believe by my mum. You cannot buy this, although you can replocate it if you are lucky enough to find the ‘shell’. It is a beautiful vintage inspired rocking horse, hand painted, with a mane of wool and a red velvet seat. I intend to look after this and keep it forever, maybe even in the hope it will be passed down by us.

She doesn’t have a name yet so I’d love some suggestions!

The next item is the Bajo Rainbow Flower Push Stick from Piccolo Bambino, it’s a wooden toy that is great for new walkers, the flower’s petals open and close as the stick is pushed along. It’s enchanting and a real keepsake.

Next, two classic toys, both from Hamleys toy shop (there is an excellent outlet in York where you can get Hamley goods at great prices). The first is a traditional Spinning Top that actually says aged 3 years plus on it but the Little Lady loves watching it spin, and the second a collection of blocks, with numbers colours and animals on them. Currently only used for watching mummy build a tower and then knocking said tower down, but I’m sure they will be a great learning tool in the future, and they look great :)

Spinning Top

Building Blocks

Finally, one of my greatest friends bought a beautiful print, that would be a beautiful wedding gift or housewarming gift but i think is perfect for a nursery as the sentiment is so uplifting and a lovely subliminal message for a little one to grow up with!

You can buy it on line from Not on the High Street.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my small selection of picks. I still can’t believe The Little Lady is a toddler, plus she is taking 4 or 5 steps alone to prove it!

Beth x