Nearly Two…

It’s been months since I last posted; some of you may know I started a new job, a big job, in December last year, and it’s only just calmed down. I’m finally at the point where I can contemplate doing things just because I enjoy doing them! This blog is one of those things and with a 2nd Birthday just around the corner I’ve got a great excuse to look at presents, outfits and cakes!

The Little Lady has changed so much in the few months since I wrote here – she talks! She also sings, counts and climbs and wears her hair in a pony tail. Most worryingly (for me) she has an opinion on what she wears. Thankfully her favourite top is the Meow top from Mini Rodini (now only £12.50 at Kidsen!)!

I can see what she looks like now – if that makes sense – the baby face has gone and I can see a five year old or even a ten year old in there. Her eyes are still blue but grey blue with a hint of green and her hair (though wayward and fine) is growing and seems to be the same colour as mine.

I don’t see her even half as much as I used to and because the tantrums have arrived (they’re fun aren’t they?) this time isn’t always as lovely as I imagined it would be but she makes me laugh (a lot)and I am looking forward to her future and getting to know this little person we made.

I’m off to look at presents…

Pic 1 – Dress – Mini Boden, Tights – meandi, Gilet – H & M
Pic 2 – Dress – E-bay (old H & M), Tights – H & M
Pic 3 – Dress – Joules, Tights – meandi
Pic 4 – Jacket – Vertbaudet, Trainers – Zara Kids

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