Little Lady Loves Bath & Bedtime

Last night The Little Lady and I did bath and bedtime on our own as Daddy was working late. It doesn’t happen often; Daddy normally does bedtime as it ensures he gets some quality moments with her each day.

I took a whole heap of photos of our little process, which confused and annoyed The Little Lady in almost equal measure! We have had the same routine since she was about 5 months when she moved into her own room which consists of bath, then currently cuddles and milk with In the Night Garden (it used to Baby TV and cuddles) then upstairs at 6.50pm for stories and then bed at 7pm.

I realise that we are VERY lucky parents, she goes down absolutely no problem at 7pm every night and we don’t hear from her until 7am (sometimes 8am!).


Bath time has always been fun, I’m a real water baby and The Little Lady seems to be too, she loves swimming and bath time, just like me. In the pictures is a giant rubber ducky purchased from Allsave (it’s also a great place to get wipes at much less than the rrp) and some brilliant bath toys that I purchased from Freddie Reggie Toys when they attended our local Tumbletots class.

I have also included some of the products I use. I have exthma and very sensitive skin and although The Little Lady’s is dry, she thankfully doesn’t seem to have any exthma or other skin problems. I do, however, like to keep to natural products designed for sensitive skin, I think often these are better than ‘baby’ products. We use Nature Babycare ECO Wash that is not only great for her but great for the planet, and I use Aloe Vera as nappy cream, and it does an even better job without all the greasiness! Finally I use A’kin Replenishing Body Moist on her skin when necessary, it’s something I use and contains vipers bugloss oil, Shea butter and omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids, along with lovely things like avocado oil and vitamin B5. You can buy it here


Bedtime, as I mentioned is lovely (smug face) and mainly consists of picking a selection of teddies/soft toys to take to bed with her and kisses for everyone. We do have a Starlight Dreamshow from Tomy which plays gentle music and projects a little show on the ceiling while she drifts off. I honestly think we have conditioned her (a la Pavlovs dogs) or at least it hypnotises her somewhat :-) Now she’s older she can turn it on if she wakes up in the night to help her drift back off too! You can buy it here.

What are your bedtime tricks and routines?

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