I’ve posted about prints and posters before (here) but I love them so much i’m always finding, printing and pinning new ones.

The first group here are, shall we say, for the children. All of them apart from the first one would be perfect for a nursery, I really love the animals picture and it will lovely in a frame in The Little Lady’s room. The first one, I would have in the kitchen to remind me everyday to let her be little. They grow up so fast…

The second group are mine, some inspirations, reminders and the necessary kick up the bum (thanks Liz Taylor). We should remember that as parents of young children we still have our own dreams, drives and challenges that do not just relate to our children.

I’m definitely not sailing on a smooth see at the moment but that’s not to say the journey isn’t exciting! I would love to hear about any prints or pictures you have to inspire you or your children.

(Also, I really do feel like 1990 can’t be more than 10 years ago, I can’t be that old. Can I?)


All these prints and more can be found on here.

These sales are killing me!

Urgh all these lovely things are on sale and I cannot buy any of them ūüėí. I do however, here by grant you permission to do so on my behalf…

Get this here

And this here

are wonderful…

And finally how good would these polkadot trainers from Mini Rodini look with this and some dark navy tights?


Little Lady Loves Sonny Angels

I have resisted writing about these for a while now, originally¬†as I couldn’t find them in the UK (apart from on e-bay) but now the lovely Hop Toy Shop has them and dare I say, I am already contemplating what Rosa could get for her 2nd Birthday (4 months really isn’t that long…)?

These little figurines are probably the only dolls I can get behind. I really don’t like the idea that little girls are given¬†a dolly to look after and push round in a pram but these are mini and wear animal hats! They are available in series’ and are collectables¬†(and pretty much a craze in Japan for a while now) and as well as animals, there is a marine series and a fruit series and many more seasonal series’.

You cannot choose which Angel you get out of the series, which (once I lock my control freak side in a cupboard) is quite exciting! Because they are collectable if you end up with more than one of the same you will always find him a new home via e-bay.

They are all naked apart from their hats and have little angel wings on their back. I fear they are probably very addictive, especially at ¬£5.95…





I covet all three of these for The Little Lady but unfortunately January is tight and I cannot make much of the sales. I’m looking forward to my shiny new salary kicking in at the end of the month when, if there’s anything left, I might indulge.

These are all on sale at Sisters Guild.

Clip clop, clip clop…

Happy New Year Everyone!

I’ve been a bit neglecting of this blog over the festive period, it wasn’t just Christmas, I started my new job the week before too and I’m there, a lot! I really care about my little blog though, and those of you that read it so I fully intend to get back to it on a regular basis.

Talking of the festive period, our Little Lady was lucky enough to receive¬†(literally) heaps of presents¬†on Christmas day but I have to admit I noticed a bit of a theme. A theme I am quietly really pleased about; horses. I am horse mad myself and rode quite seriously until a few years ago and I would love her to learn the skill and love these amazing animals like I do. I think all children should be around animals, if not in the home then by something like horse riding, it’s good for their soul and great for teaching them to respect animals.

I am lucky enough to ride a gorgeous Highland Pony a couple of times a week and so I have been able to take her a few times to the stables and she loves it and has no fear at all.

Here is our horsey Christmas, presents and adventures. Was there a theme to your little¬†one’s Christmas presents?

A Wonderful Christmas Time

Merry Christmas Everyone!

If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know life has got pretty busy so I apologise for the cheeky Instagram gallery. Christmas has been mega and has involved Anniversaries, Christmas Jumpers, an obscene amount of food and wine and lot’s of family time, our little family and the wider one, for which I am very grateful.

I hope you’ve all had a good one too xx

The perception of Mum.

This week I started a new job; a full time, important job with a giant dose of responsibility.

We always thought this would happen, and 90% of me wanted it to, but to leave The Little Lady, to hand over her care to others is hard; even a little heartbreaking. All the people who will be looking after her, the nursery, my mother in law, my parents and her Daddy all love her to pieces and I know she will be happy with each and every one of them, but how much will I miss?

I will still see her everyday, she’s in no danger of forgetting who I am but will her perception of who I am to her change? I don’t know

What I do know is I want her to grow up proud of me, to know her mum works hard and is passionate about what she does but I don’t want her to grow up and say “I didn’t see my mum much”. And so the battle, so many of us face every day, begins.
Wish me luck.

What I should have bought…

So, can you believe Christmas is just 8 sleeps away?! Yep, 8. Crap.

I am not ready; not ready at all! There has been a lot going on in our household recently, of which I’m not talking about now, but Christmas has really crept up on us. I’ve done all the mulled wine drinking, festive candle buying and tree decorating but not much actual necessary Christmas administration. The Little Lady, being only 19 months old, luckily still has no clue what’s going on, although she does stare in wonder at¬†the (really too large for our living room) tree and is enjoying the array of festive parties at Tumbletots/storytime/nursery.

Because of this, and the fact the rest of the family have got her bucketfuls¬†of presents, we are just filling her a stocking of little goodies, which I have loved choosing for her. You can see some of my choices here. However, now that it’s too late, I am realising there are many practical presents I should have bought. We are approaching the dreaded ‘potty training’ which I have decided we must at least start thinking about after Christmas.

Ah well, these are now on my list for January.

Little Lady Loves Grazing

She’s not a big eater and is still fairly small for her age, although pretty much on the 50th centile¬†she is nearly 19 months now and is only wearing 12 – 18 month clothes; and some of those are roomy! She rarely finishes a meal and is much happier grazing. I have decided there is no point worrying about it, she is more than full of beans, learning every day and the health visitors are more than happy with her weight, plus, she grazes well!

She mostly eats fruits, dried or otherwise. She loves dried apricots, raisins¬†and¬†cranberries and fresh bananas and grapes. She will also (possibly controversially) eats seeds, coconut flakes¬†and chopped nuts. Weirdly she won’t join in with fresh strawberries and raspberries but I think they’re maybe just too acidic for now.

This brings me to my recommendation, Graze. I started ordering Graze boxes when I worked in an office and they were good for snacks (rather than the evil sweet machine) but after having Rosa and being at home most of the time, I was tempted to cancel it. However, when she was tiny (and would not be put down for love nor money) they were great for picking on during the day and then after she was weaned they seemed to make great snacks. As you get to label your choices¬†Love, Like, Try or Bin you get a a different selection each time but you can exclude anything you don’t like or request those you do.

You receive 4 sealed portions in each box and they are great for shuving in your handbag/nappy bag/coat pocket and you don’t have to worry about being caught short of snacks with a raging toddler!

The Little Lady’s current favourites are Garden of England¬†(mini dried strawberries, blackcurrents and apple), Summer Pudding¬†(yoghurt coated sunflower seeds, blackcurrants, sponge pieces and cranberries) and Festival Fruits¬†(pear, blackcurrants, apples and pitted dried plums).

I myself love the Lemon and Poppy cake with an Afternoon tea infusion and the Twist of black pepper popcorn, yum! Plus, nearly everything is under 100 calories per portion so guilt free really! Try it here.

Does your little one graze and what on?

Little Lady Loves